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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

$5 book reviews

I am not going to get rich by doing this, but it will give your books more exposure, while giving me more material for my blogs. The fee is merely a token amount, just to make sure that you believe in your work.

$5 book reviews: Send me your book and $5, and I will review it. I can't guarantee that I will like your book, but I will give it a fair reading.  I have two blogs and an Internet radio show. I am also a "Book Examiner" on Examiner dot com. If I really like your book, I will also Tweet it and Facebook it. I might even ask you to be a guest on my show. I tried Fiver, but they do not provide any way for you to send me your book. In fact, they do not allow us to exchange contact info. So I'm doing this on my own.

1 comment:

tuffy777 said...

Please note that $5 is only a token amount. It does not cover my time reading the book and writing the review. It simply confirms that you believe your book is worth reading.