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Friday, May 19, 2017

Swagbucks fills in the gaps

I've had ongoing financial problems for the past ten years, due to a series of injuries and illnesses, On top of that, I lost almost everything in the crash of '08. However, I've been able to sell crafts and rehabilitated treasures in my yard sales and at a sale table in front of a local shop. My homemade jam also helps to pay the bills. That's where Swagbucks fills in the gaps.

Swagbucks gives me points for things that I already do, like searching the web and shopping online. I trade those points for gift cards or Paypal cash to buy the supplies for my jam making. Since I don't drive, and I can't always get a ride when I need something, I use my Swagbucks earnings to order things online and have them delivered. This also lowers the cost of making jam, since Swagbucks don't cost me any money,

Swagbucks pays me to take surveys, search the web, watch short videos and shop online. They have lots of fun activities that I can do in those few minutes between my "real world" activities.

Swagbucks fills in the gaps. If you are not already a member, please consider joining through MY LINK.

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