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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fans of Sue Grafton Will Love The Man Without a Past!

Most of my readers, as is to be expected, want to see more science fiction from me. That having been said, I do write other genres, including horror, humor, poetry and nonfiction. My most recent effort is a murder mystery in the tradition of (and inspired by) Sue Grafton.

Let me tell you, a murder mystery is difficult to write. Readers demand a coherent plot with enough clues to figure it out, but not such obvious clues that they figure it out too soon. And even if they don't figure it out, when they get to the end they should say, "Of course he or she did it! It all makes sense now."

Well, when I came to the end of writing The Man Without a Past, several of the characters stood up and shouted at me that I had pinned the murder on the wrong suspect. I had to start all over, from the beginning, and pin it on the right suspect. I wrote this novel forward, inside out and backward. It was a labor of love, but a Herculean labor, nonetheless.

Set partly in southern California and partly in Colorado, this murder mystery sends Lavinia "Livvy" Stout on a nightmarish quest for the solution to a puzzle. First, who was murdered? Second, who did it and why?

Please click on the link to my Amazon store in the right-hand column of this page and check out The Man Without a Past.

Thank you so much!

~~ Tessa Dick