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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Almost there

I'm within $100 of paying all of the bills that come in on the first. Thank you all for your help, prayers and good wishes!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

One more month till I get on my feet

If I can just get through February, my earnings will catch up with my bills. I've done about $200 worth of writing buyer guides for eBay, but it takes them a month to pay. I get a tiny annuity in March, and then I go on social security in June.

I've been trying to write new books, but I need every minute of my "up time" to try to earn money for the bills now. I can't do much more than a couple hours once a week.

Meanwhile, SSI insists that I am not disabled and I can work, even though I can't earn more than $100 or $200 a month. In fact, most months it's less than $100. I can't work outside my home, and I can't do physical labor. I can't even clean the house. I work for ten minutes, and then I lie down for an hour.

I can't cook or drive a car because the tiniest distraction leads to disaster. I don't walk well, so now I use a walker if I'm going more than half a block. The walker has a seat, so I can sit down when I need to, which is quite often. On a good day, which happens once every week or two, I can go two blocks with the cane and a knee brace.

In the meantime, the HEAP program that helps with winter heating bills has not been funded yet. They expect to have funding in APRIL, to help with WINTER heating bills. That's the government bureaucracy for you.

I have shutoff notices for water, gas and electricity, totaling over $250.

I have a Go Fund Me campaign, but it isn't bringing in much at all. I did get a lot of help in the past, and my family has contributed when they can.

Maybe some of you can help me get through this one final month without losing everything. Prayer will be appreciated, as well as $5 or so. I really need it, or I wouldn't ask.

Tessa Dick
PO Box 1942
Crestline, CA 92325

Paypal --  Kittiescats777@gmail.com

Thank you all so much!