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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Philip K.Dick Festival 2012

Want to learn more about Philip K. Dick?  Meet others who read his work?  

Sept 22-23, 2012 will be a weekend of celebration and examination of Phillip K. Dick’s life and work, hosted by San Francisco State University.

The Guest of Honor is Jonathan Lethem, who edited the Library of America editions of Phil's work.  

Not everything is set in stone, but some speakers, mostly academics, have been lined up.  They plan to charge $35 a day or $50 for the entire weekend of the festival, but that could change.  

The web site says, "Speakers and presenters will have their entrance fee waived, but at this point we cannot promise presenters either travel or lodging expenses."  However, when I offered to speak, they said that they will not waive my entrance fee. 

I was really hoping to attend, but I can't afford it..  

I would have to take a train or airline to get from Southern California to the Bay Area, and although friends have offered me a place to stay, and they said they would feed me, I cannot pay the fare to get there.  I can't drive due to a recent head injury, and I don't have a car, anyway.  

If I can manage it, I will attend, but I will not be a speaker or sit on a panel.  They made me feel most unwelcome.  Besides, why should I pay them to let me work for them?  

I'm hoping to scrape up the money to attend, but I will be there as a private person. 


Monday, June 25, 2012

NativeImagesPG's California Indian Blog: Forest's tribal relations program manager honored ...

Here's an interesting blog about preserving our national forests.

Did you know that I live in a forest?

NativeImagesPG's California Indian Blog: Forest's tribal relations program manager honored ...: CONGRATULATIONS DAN! We know how valuable you are to "Us", Glad to see other's do as well! INLAND: Forest's tribal relations program manag...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My book got one star on Amazon, five stars on Library Thing

Terry Allen gave my companion book, Firebright and the Edge of Reality, a five-star rating (5 out of 5!). 

See it on Library Thing. 

Buy the book on Amazon.

And plese note that it has only one Amazon review, and it gives my book one measly star!

Also see my memoir TessaB. Dick: My Life on the Edge of Reality.

and the original memoir, the one that started this chain of events,

Philip K, Dick:  Remembering  Firebright


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snacking for writers

Despite all the warnings about keeping liquids away from the precious and fragile keyboard, I always keep a cup of coffee and a glass of water at hand while I'm using the computer.  I figure that, if it's going to happen, there is nothing that I can do to stop it.  After all, I once tripped on an electrical cord a full ten feet away from the computer, and the coffee flew out of the cup then landed in a belly flop all over the keyboard.  I'm talented that way.

So I have my liquids, and I have my snacks.  At least once a day, I turn the keyboard upside down and shake out the crumbs of donuts, cookies and potato chips.  Yes, I'm probably ruining my health, such as it is, with all that junk food.

In an attempt to improve my health, and to continue avoiding the need to step away from the computer for an actual meal, I have taken to surrounding the computer with better snacks.

Cheese, I love cheese. Shredded cheese is a great topper for a bowl of soup, especially if you first toss in some croutons for the cheese to hug.  Cheese is also good on crackers, of course, but that strategy lacks imagination.  I like to pan fry a tortilla in butter, adding shredded cheese on top so that it melts into a gooey, delicious mess.  You can add tomato chunks or salsa for extra flavor.

Celery is great, after I strip off most of the strings.  Those strings are too hard to chew, and sometimes they roll up into a ball and choke me.  Celery is good dipped in peanut butter or cream cheese.  I've given up on carrots, unless I have the time and inclination to cut them into thin slices.  My dentures just can't handle the biting and chewing any more.

Oh, and then there's fresh fruit in season.  August is my favorite month because the fruit on my wild blackberry vine ripens in August.  At about the same time, the tomatoes in my garden start producing enough fruit to share with friends and neighbors.

The apples on my ancient tree usually ripen by Halloween.

And then there's the frozen fruit off the Schwan's truck.  Since I can't drive, it's a blessing to have food delivered, and their prices are competitive with the grocery store -- sometimes lower.  (No, they did not pay me to say that.)  Schwan's has a variety of snacks, meals and ingredients for meals, plus the most delicious ice cream I ever ate.

But I digress.  Surrounding myself with snacks enables me to spend more time writing and less time fussing around the kitchen for something to eat.

Living alone -- unless you count the cats -- makes it possible for me to ignore the habits and rituals of family life.  In fact, even when I had a husband and child, I often ignored them until dinner time.  Writing is my life, and other people just have to get used to it.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Drones might be watching you

Drones on U.S. soil?  Apparently yes.

This story from CBS news is scary:

“We’ve seen in some records that were released by the Air Force just recently, that under their rules, they are allowed to fly drones in public areas and record information on domestic situations,” says Jennifer Lynch, an attorney with the San Francisco based Electronic Frontier Association, who is looking into various government surveillance techniques.

The Age Of Drones: Military May Be Using Drones In US To Help Police

Critics fear invasion of privacy

CBS Local (Los Angeles) 



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