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Monday, February 29, 2016

Please help me get my roof fixed

My bills are paid for now, but I'm still on a fixed income. I hope to have the time and funds to do the research needed for my future books. I'm really struggling, and I'm not earning more than pocket money.

My roof needs a major repair. The leak is in a weird corner where two parts of the roof are at different heights. It's just a small area, but they'll have to rip out and replace part of the siding. The siding is the outer wall of the house. It has rotted, and carpenter ants could attack it and eat my whole house. Carpenter ants are like termites but worse.

I have a fundraiser at YouCaring


or you can send me Paypal at


or send me your prayers and good wishes, or maybe a card or a note at:

Tessa Dick
PO Box 1942
Crestline, California 92325

You can also search Amazon for my books. I have a murder mystery, a science fiction novel, a short story collection and two memoirs.

Thank you all for caring.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Media trends

I got this press release today, and I think it might be of interest:


[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 24.02.16 -- For the fourth year running, the European Publishers Council (EPC) is delighted to bring to its members, key policy makers and interested journalists the latest data in global media trends. A free copy is available to the press on request.

The 500 data sets and 60,000 words of analysis tell the story of a seismic transformation in content development and publishing for newspapers and magazines:
• Social Media: Reading an article or news story is in the top five activities on Facebook: publishers have proactive social media strategies and social media advertising is on the increase. 
• Mobile: Publishers are adopting “mobile-first” strategies to deal with changes in competition and consumer behaviour – interaction and attention; but this affects profoundly production, distribution, monetisation, and content development.  Most consumers will be using their smartphones to access media content by 2019, going straight to specific articles (not the publication’s home page) and getting there via social media and not by search.  When they get there, today’s consumers want high quality, personally relevant content including on-demand video clips.  In the US, people using mobile to read newspapers has gone from less than 40% in March 2014 to more than 70% in March 2015.
Advertising: internet advertising is poised to overtake TV advertising but ad-blocking is a serious and expanding threat to publishers' revenues as it spreads from web to mobile.
EPC Executive Director Angela Mills Wade commented: “Amidst these data sets, there are reasons for optimism and excitement about the future, despite the challenges regarding global adspend for newspapers and ad-blocking on web and mobile sites.  There are many new opportunities, notably in mobile and social media, and, arguably, greater opportunity than ever to make content appealing and accessible to record numbers of consumers of all ages via their smartphones.”
Over the next year or so, the media will be subject to new and revised EU regulations in the fields of copyright, data privacy, audiovisual media services, text and data mining, and Big Data.
Angela continued: “We hope that our Global Media Trends Book will help to steer regulators and opinion formers towards appropriate and market-driven regulations based on actual worldwide digital content and usage trends. The press is a unique sector, where our values are as important to us as our profits but we do not operate on a level playing field with the big, techno-media players. Professional journalists need to be paid, trained, resourced and legally protected by their publishers.  Quality content is expensive.  However, regulators can help protect a free press by taking our important differences into account when legislating and making sure our pursuit of the provision of reliable information, analysis and entertainment is helped, not hindered to the benefit of all in Europe’s Digital Single Market. For in order to perform our vital role in society, our traditional media need to be financially viable.”
The EPC would like to thank Martha Stone and the World Newsmedia Network for another year’s excellent collaboration.  We would also like to thank the 60 contributing research companies for their ongoing support of this valuable resource for publishers, researchers, academics and media industry stakeholders.
For a free press copy of the report, or for further information, please contact Heidi Lambert at heidilambert@hlcltd.demon.co.uk or
Tel: +44 7932 141 291 or Angela Mills Wade on Tel: +44 1865 310 732

Friday, February 19, 2016

Cats breaking loose

This morning at 5, I was awakened by the sound of Blacky and Inky hissing at a raccoon. Sleepily  wondering how a raccoon got into my house, I yelled, "Hey!"and feebly attempted to sit up in bed with three cats sitting on me.

Guffy was also sitting on me. (Sorry, I can't find my photo of Guffy AKA Tuffy 2nd.)

Oh, there's Guffy!

Then I remembered that the spare cats, who usually stay outside (by their choice, not mine) were inside when I went to bed. I'm not sure how long it was before I was able to get up and shut the back door,which Sweetie and Bobby had bullied open.

Bad cats!

By that time, I was fully awake and unable to get back to sleep. So I've been dragging all day, but my house is once again raccoon free.