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Friday, May 29, 2015

Radio Free Albemuth movie, get it now!

Please get one of the finest Philip K. Dick movies through the link on my other blog. This apocalyptic tale looks a lot like the world in which we live.

The story will scare you, but it does offer hope at the end.


New book for organic gardeners

Going Organic is a pretty good book, and I should know because I edited it.  Of the many books that I edit for a small publisher, this is one of the best.

It tells you how to prepare the soil, choose seeds, fertilize, manage pests, harvest and even cook your garden produce. It also has a chapter on raising chickens.

I refer to it often when I'm tending my garden. You really can grow both food and flowers without resorting to nasty chemicals. It isn't as hard as you might think.


 Going Organic

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

$5 book reviews

I am not going to get rich by doing this, but it will give your books more exposure, while giving me more material for my blogs. The fee is merely a token amount, just to make sure that you believe in your work.

$5 book reviews: Send me your book and $5, and I will review it. I can't guarantee that I will like your book, but I will give it a fair reading.  I have two blogs and an Internet radio show. I am also a "Book Examiner" on Examiner dot com. If I really like your book, I will also Tweet it and Facebook it. I might even ask you to be a guest on my show. I tried Fiver, but they do not provide any way for you to send me your book. In fact, they do not allow us to exchange contact info. So I'm doing this on my own.

Two amazing new fantasy novels by women

Gemini  Press ha released two paranormal urban fantasy novels by amazing authors who happen to be women. The novels have been named finalists in Foreword Reviews’ IndieFab Book of the Year Awards. The two books feature strong female protagonists who struggle as much with demons and apocalyptic mayhem as they do with profound and metaphorically universal coming-of-age issues. 

Writer and educator Maureen O'Leary, author of the novels The Arrow and How to Be Manly, lives in Sacramento, California. She loves African dance and drumming, working out, and reading other people's books. She's proud to call herself a believer in faeries, storytellers, goddesses, rock star gods, magic, destiny, and the healing power of love.

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Katherine Wynter grew up with a deep love of books and reading. After putting aside childhood dreams of genetically engineering dragons, she began writing fictional worlds filled with demons, monsters, and unsung heroes. She is married and enjoys hiking and traveling.

In The Arrow, a powerful young healer, Fynn Kildare, discovers that a pharmaceutical company's greed threatens humanity. The corporation, CainPharma, serves an ancient witch and they are about to produce a new drug called Hydravirus. The concoction is addictive and dangerous, and, as Fynn discovers, it’s also part of a greedy corporate grab for power. To stop it, she must embrace her family's heroic past and become “the Arrow.”

We meet Rebekah Lorek in Keeper Chronicles: Awakening. Not only is she the perfect hostess to the guests at her lighthouse bed-and-breakfast, she has extraordinary abilities that are only now awakening. When Rebekah Lorek's father is murdered by a demon in disguise, a dark world is revealed that forces her to accept her destiny or see humanity destroyed.

Reviews for The Arrow have included five-star ratings. One of these came from Foreword Clarion Reviews, which said, “Beautifully combining mythology, romance, and action, this story is fun to read even as it addresses some of the harder aspects of becoming an adult.” Self-Publishing Review echoed this praise  in its review, saying, “...a beautiful story... a breath of fresh air for a fantasy book... a strong opponent to any other urban fantasy out there right now..." Red City Review added, "Mythology, betrayal, corporate espionage, romance; all of this and more has been melded together flawlessly in this novel."

Keeper Chronicles: Awakening has also received several five-star ratings. Readers Favorite said, "If you're looking for a compelling urban fantasy read with a rich plot, romance and mystery, then look no further than Awakening." Self-Publishing Review agreed, saying, "A creepy and epic story to thrill urban fantasy fans from a talented narrator..." Foreword Clarion Reviews cited Wynter’s refreshing take on monsters: “Urban fantasy fans will find unique and enthralling characters in this suspenseful story...In a genre that is too often crowded with defanged vampires and misunderstood monsters, this book focuses on the dark and scary side of demons."

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Here's something interesting: People getting paid to lose weight

With spring underway, it’s a great time for a “gut check” on how those New Year diet and fitness resolutions and corporate wellness efforts are faring. For its part, weight-loss wagering industry pioneer HealthyWagethe world’s leading purveyor of corporate and team-based weight loss challenges and financially-induced diet contests for individuals, continues to churn out BIG LOSERS – dieters who have gone out on an emotional and financial limb to bet on their own weight-loss success … and are now reaping significant financial rewards!

Check out these representative HealthyWage first quarter participants, including Johnson & Johnson corporate wellness winner Tina Trujilio, who each lost notable weight and won big money for their slim down success (before/after photos 
  • NicoleCampbell.png
    Nicole Campbell (Albion, PA) – lost 100 pounds, gained $4,000 (pictured here)
  • Margaret Delucia (Hartford, CT) – lost 61 pounds, gained $3,000
  • Shonie Jenkins (Magnolia, TX) – lost 34.2 pounds, gained $2,471
  • Alisha Arrington (Harvest, AL) – lost 55 pounds, gained $2,230
  • Tish Sipla (Torrance, CA) – lost 36.4 pounds, gained $2,196
  • Tina Trujilio (Irving, TX) - lost 30 pounds, gained $1,800 - Johnson & Johnson corporate wellness participant
View before/after photos for the above, and 6 other, representative Q1 HealthyWage participant weight-loss wagering WINNERS from here


About HealthyWage™
Health and wellness purveyor HealthyWage provides cash incentives, social and expert-based support, tools and resources, and goal-setting and tracking technologies to address our nation’s obesity epidemic and improve America’s collective health.  HealthyWage is at the forefront of the weight wagering movement, having formally created competitive, cash-fueled programs for more than 90 Fortune 500 and other companies, hospitals, health systems, insurers, school systems, municipal governments and other organizations throughout the U.S., including General Electric, Texas Instruments and CVS Caremark, and their program has been more informally run at more than 3,000 companies and organizations.  The company was founded in response to academic research that proves even small cash rewards triple the effectiveness of weight-loss programs; that people are more effective at losing weight when their own money is at risk; and that social networks play a large role in the spread of obesity, and will likely play a large role in reversing obesity.  Learn more online at https://www.HealthyWage.com.