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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Deals at my Zazzle store for Black Friday and more

Please support my efforts to inform and entertain with writing and internet radio.  Check out the great discounts at Zazzle, where I offer a few products that you might use as gifts or buy for yourself.

This is just one of several ways that I earn money to keep the lights and Internet on in this house.  It is an important one.  The prices might seem a little high at first, but if you get on their email list, you will get discount codes that bring the prices to an amazingly low, low level.

Black Friday

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New literary online quarterly, Trafika Europe

A new literary journal recently launched their first quarterly issue.  Trafika Europe showcases authors who might have been ignored, especially in English-language publications.   This ground-breaking publication is well worth a visit to their web site at 


The journal is displayed as a flip-book.  

The first issue, "Northern Idyll", focuses on work from Europe's northern islands, with new poetry, stories and novel excerpts translated from Gaelic and Shetland Scots, Faroese, Icelandic and Norwegian, as well as new works from German, Russian, French, Slovenian and Occitan.

One highlight, from the tiny culture of the Faroe Islands, is a chapter translated from Jóanes Nielson's The Brahmadells РA North Atlantic Chronicle. This is the first work from the Faroe Islands ever to receive a major international publishing contract, so it is the most important news of Faroese literature in our times. This work is receiving its English-language premiere in the pages of Trafika Europe.

This issue also features photos from across Europe by US-based photographer Mark Chester. 

It is well worth a look.  A long look. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How I earn gift cards or cash, at Swagbucks

I've been earning points to redeem for gift cards at Swagbucks for several years now, and I used to get Paypal cash, but then I discovered that I can get Amazon gift cards of the same amount for fewer points.  Since I do a lot of shopping at Amazon, it's a good deal for me.  Swagbucks offers a variety of gift cards for your points; in fact, there are way too many choices to list here.

How do you earn points?  Several ways.  You can view short videos about animals, cooking, entertainment, news and more.  You can fill out short surveys.  I get one point every day for filling out the daily poll, which has just one multiple choice question.  I get three points for every ten video clips that I watch, and most of the clips are less than five minutes each.

One of the best ways to earn points is the search engine.  When you search through Swagbucks, you can win instant "Swagbucks bills", often much more than you would earn with the other activities.  You do not get them every time you search.  They seem to be given at random.

They often have "Collector's Bills" that you can get for searching, and right now the theme is Halloween, of course.

Please check out Swagbucks and consider joining and searching.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Get Radio Free Albemuth the movie now!

One of the best, if not the best of the many adaptations of Philip K. Dick stories and novels is Radio Free Albemuth.  This independent film did not have a huge budget, but it did have a great story and talented actors, as well as a director with a vision that resonates with the story that Philip K. Dick told.

I highly recommend that you get it now, and that you tell all your friends to get it.  Watch it more than once, and you will see details that you missed on the first viewing.

And guys, it has Alanis Morissette.  Shea Wigham plays a young author (Philip K. Dick) whose friend Nick Brady (played by Jonathan Scarfe) is unwittingly drawn into danger by a strange pink light and a voice that transmits information directly into his head.  The VALIS satellite attempts to free humanity from oppression by a totalitarian government.

This is, in my opinion, a must see, not only for fans of science fiction and Philip K. Dick, but for everyone who values human rights.  

Yekra Player
Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.
Radio Free Albemuth
From Philip K. Dick – author of Blade Runner, Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly – his most prophetic science fiction thriller. In an alternate reality 1985, Nick Brady (Jonathan Scarfe), a record store clerk in Berkeley begins to experience strange visions transmitted from an extra-terrestrial source he calls VALIS. He moves to Los Angeles with his wife, Rachel (Katheryn Winnick), where he becomes a successful music executive with a secret mission to overthrow the oppressive, totalitarian American regime helmed by President Fremont (Scott Wilson). But what is VALIS? A higher consciousness from another reality, an alien life-form or perhaps, even God? With the help of his best friend, a science-fiction writer – Philip K. Dick himself (Shea Whigham) – and a beautiful, mysterious woman named Silvia (Alanis Morissette)- Nick finds himself drawn into a conspiracy of cosmic, mind-shattering proportions. Although it might cost them their freedom or even their lives, they join forces to bring a message of hope from the stars and reveal the dangerous truth.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Zazzle trick or treat bags for Halloween

We used to go trick or treating with pillow cases for bags, preferably white ones that could double as ghost costumes, if Mom let us cut eye holes in them.  But who has white pillow cases any more?  You can try those plastic pumpkins with handles,but they are clumsy and hard to carry, especially for the littlest trick-or-treaters.  And then there are various types of bags, which come in:

*  paper (they rip)
*  plastic (they sometimes rip and can be bad for the environment) 
*  canvas (which you really want to be clean and sanitary when you put candy or other food into it). 

Why not try a canvas bag that's made specifically for trick-or-treating?  I have a couple designs that you might like. And if the price seems too high, just get on the Zazzle email list for discount codes, which can be as much as 50 percent off, so you just pay half price! 

These bags can also carry other items, such as groceries, books and the overflow from a too-full purse, backpack or briefcase. 

And you can even get a bag with a photo of Philip K. Dick that was also used on the cover of my book about him.  Coming soon, and at about $10 each. 

And here it is:

You might like these T-shirts, and they do earn me a little money.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Want to understand trends in media? New book



The European Publishers Council (EPC), representing Europe’s leading media organisations, is delighted to present, for the third year running, the EPC Global Media Trends Book to inform both appropriate regulation as well as media business strategies worldwide.

The report provides a detailed survey of the digital media landscape with over 500 data sets and an in-depth analysis of global digital media revenue and usage trends.
Key findings in this year’s report include:

• Internet advertising spend is poised to exceed TV adspend in many parts of the world before the end of the decade;
• Investment in technology overtakes product development as priority for efficiency;
• Lack of talent in emerging areas (technology, internet) is the most cited barrier to growth in media companies 2013 to 2014
• Native advertising and content marketing are the top priority for marketers;
  1. The use of mobile to access the Internet around the world has doubled in one year;
  2. E-commerce on mobile and tablets has grown dramatically;
• Global newspaper industry adspend share is expected to drop from 16.9 percent in 2013 to 13.7 percent by 2018; 

• Digital news subscriptions are growing in the double digits since 2013;
•The 19-35 age group (millennials) consume little live TV compared to their older counterparts;
• Worldwide, millennials consider the internet, including social media, the most credible news source
EPC Executive Director Angela Mills Wade said: “The world’s media revenue and usage patterns are changing dramatically in 2014.  The constant shift of advertising spend, device, media and shopping patterns are driving media companies continually to innovate, and through investment in new technologies, overhaul their media strategies.

“With the EU’s political agenda now under new leadership, we will be telling our media “story” to many of the new politicians and regulators for the first time – regulators who will be tasked over the next five years to consider introducing new laws that can impact on journalism, the media and the European information society as a whole.
“Issues including digital advertising, big data, copyright and licensing, e-commerce, data protection, taxation and media pluralism are all under the spotlight so it is vital that the regulators have an understanding of the realities of the worldwide media industry and base their proposals on sound, verifiable information.”
The EPC would like to thank Martha Stone and the World Newsmedia Network for another year’s excellent collaboration.  We would also like to thank the 60 contributing research companies for their ongoing support of this valuable resource for publishers, researchers, academics and media industry stakeholders.
The executive summary of the report with details of all the data and data sources are available at http://bit.ly/Zo1Vlr

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New book by former addict Roy Nelson who developed the Nelson Method

An interesting new book has come to my attention, so I want to share this with you.

Love Notes From Hell
By Roy Nelson

soon-to-be released (October 2014 from Lulu) 

In “Love Notes From Hell,” Roy explains:
  • There can be total freedom no matter how deep the pain or how strong the addiction
  • No one is alone in the fight of addiction – there is help, finding the treatment that works is the hard part
  • The importance of digging deep to find the root of the problem
  • How to stop trading one addiction for another
  • The creation of The Nelson Method, what it is and why it works
  • Why healing spiritually helps transform lives
By using examples from his own experiences, as well as those of his private clients, Roy helps the reader understand why so many treatment options are failing and how spiritual truths such as those contained in the Nelson Method™ can produce extra ordinary transformation and freedom from your own personal hell.  Many truly believe that Roy is the last resort for those who cannot stop their self-destructive habits.
About the Author
Roy is known as “the last resort” for those who cannot stop their self-destructive habits.  Living with a violent, alcoholic father drove him to pursue a life of escape by any means possible - until he conceded that his self-imposed hell was killing him.  It was then that he had a profound experience that changed everything.  Over thirty-five years ago Roy “cracked the code” of his own addictive personality. As a result, he lost 120 pounds and overcame a myriad of addictions, as well as depression, panic attacks, and phobias. Based on his personal experience of total freedom, Roy developed the Nelson Method—a plan of spiritual healing that is designed to help people heal from their own personal hell, even when all other approaches have failed.  He and his wife live in Los Angeles, California and continue to help people find freedom through the Nelson Method.
For more information on Roy Nelson and the Nelson Method, please visit:www.roynelsonhealing.com.
“Love Notes From Hell” will be available nationwide in October 2014 atwww.amazon.com and www.roynelsonhealing.com.