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Friday, July 25, 2014


Let me introduce you to my "favorite" word in the English language.  "Conceptualization" -- wow, what a concept!  We make many words by putting together the building blocks known as roots, prefixes and suffixes, but this monstrosity has little reason to live.  While it does have a limited use in semantics, it is otherwise a bottom-heavy Frankenstein's creature.

Let's take a look at the parts of this word.

cepere, which means to seize or to grasp

con-, which means with or together

-ual, which changes the noun to an adjective
-ize, which changes the adjective to a verb
-ate, which is another verb ending
-ion, which changes the whole thing back to a noun

Why not just go back to "concept"?  Or better yet, "thought" or "idea"?  People tend to use big words because they believe that they sound more intellectual, but this practice often obscures the meaning which they are trying to convey.  Choose your words carefully, and choose the simplest words that carry the meaning that you wish to express, and you will sound truly intellectual.  Besides, your audience will understand what you are saying.

Monday, June 23, 2014

My review of 6 Motel in Fort Bragg, California

I used to post reviews at Epinions, before eBay bought it up and killed it.  Since life goes on, and I have lots of friends from Epinions, now I am starting out at Bubblews.

Please view (and read) my second attempt at a post on Bubblews:

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I'm on Freedomizer Radio

Catch  my show, "Ancient of Days" Mondays at 3 p.m. Pacific, 6 p.m. Eastern, on

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

99 cent chili dogs at Wienerschnitzel

I try to eat healthful foods, but come on!  The hot dog is an American icon.  Besides, they are on sale this month.  Just one won't hurt me, right? 

Starting March 31, Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest hot dog chain, is cutting back the price of their famous Chili Dogs, to just 99 cents for limited time only! Back by popular demand for the fourth year, this tasty deal is available at participating locations through April 27.

Almost a whole month:  from March 31 – April 27, 2014. Cheese and tax are extra.

“Wienerschnitzel has always [had] . . . a one-of-a-kind Chili Dog at a great everyday value,” said Tom Amberger, vice president of marketing. “We chose to introduce this promotion in April to give our loyal fans a price break on our most popular menu item during the sometimes stressful tax season.” 

The Chili Dog, which made its debut on the original menu in 1961, is a grilled hot dog smothered with Wienerschnitzel’s signature chili (a recipe so secret it’s locked up in a vault) and served in a soft, steamed hot dog bun. Chili Dog-lovers are encouraged to hurry into their nearest location starting March 31, to take advantage of this tasty deal!

The newest commercial featuring the 99 cent Chili Dog deal can be viewed at: 
And, as always, the commercial is entertaining.   ~~~  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another Swagbucks invitiation, Travelganza!

Grab your suitcase! Find your binoculars!  Get your camera ready! And fill up the car with gas because we’re going on a ROAD TRIP!! On Friday, April 4th it’s our Swag Code Travelganza!

Here’s our itinerary:
  • The Travelganza begins at 7am PT and will run until 6pm PT (10am ET – 9pm ET). For UK/IE/AUS, the Travelganza will begin at 7am local time.
  • The trip will be filled with sight seeing, travel games, some entertainment and a chance to capture all of the memories forever!
  • Earn up to 20 Swag Bucks in Swag Codes alone!
  • Make sure to check out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the Swagbucks Blog for a mish mash of fun and games!
So, settle down back there kids.  Don’t make us turn this car right around!!

Get ready for a fun trip – Swagbucks Style!!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Swag Code Extravaganza

I make some pocket money, and i have lots of fun on Swagbucks.  My favorite activity is watching video clips, and my favorite clips are cooking shows.

Today, Swagbucks is having one of their big events, the Swag Code Extravaganza.  You find the code and enter it in the box to get instant Swagbucks.

I trade in my Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards, but you have many other choices, including Paypal.  Join today and start earning while having fun!

Friday, February 28, 2014

A book that Philip K. Dick could have written

Meowing on the Answering Machine by Robert Emmett displays a twisted sense of humor, as well as outrage at the surreal qualities of what we call reality.  Festooned with pen-and-ink illustrations, this book has exactly one story about a cat.  You will also find self-cooking chickens and a dog who tells lies.  And there are flying people, too!  Oh, and a talking couch.

I recommend this collection of stories and drawings for the sheer pleasure of laughing out loud.

Please see my complete review here:

Thank you so much!