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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Philip K.Dick Festival 2012

Want to learn more about Philip K. Dick?  Meet others who read his work?  

Sept 22-23, 2012 will be a weekend of celebration and examination of Phillip K. Dick’s life and work, hosted by San Francisco State University.

The Guest of Honor is Jonathan Lethem, who edited the Library of America editions of Phil's work.  

Not everything is set in stone, but some speakers, mostly academics, have been lined up.  They plan to charge $35 a day or $50 for the entire weekend of the festival, but that could change.  

The web site says, "Speakers and presenters will have their entrance fee waived, but at this point we cannot promise presenters either travel or lodging expenses."  However, when I offered to speak, they said that they will not waive my entrance fee. 

I was really hoping to attend, but I can't afford it..  

I would have to take a train or airline to get from Southern California to the Bay Area, and although friends have offered me a place to stay, and they said they would feed me, I cannot pay the fare to get there.  I can't drive due to a recent head injury, and I don't have a car, anyway.  

If I can manage it, I will attend, but I will not be a speaker or sit on a panel.  They made me feel most unwelcome.  Besides, why should I pay them to let me work for them?  

I'm hoping to scrape up the money to attend, but I will be there as a private person. 



the dystopian said...

I wish I could come along. Alas, I am sans the funds. You might be interested in this though - An Elementary and Culinary Guide to Not Fretting About the Total Recall Remake:

Hope you enjoy it and hope you get along to the festival!

Frank Bertrand said...

You aren't the only one, Tessa. If I was willing to find a way out to San Francisco State University, where it just so happens, Mr. Gill teaches as a Lecturer in writing, I could have a "prime time" speaking spot in the main hall (either just before, or after, Lawrence Sutin), a perhaps a couch to sleep on. I of course declined because the dates are not all all convenient for my work schedule, it is turning out to be anything but a "festival," and holding it where Mr. Gill teaches leaves a sour taste in my mind.

tuffy777 said...

thanks, dystopian, and sorry Frank Bertrand -- others are making excuses for David Gill, saying that he can't get funding for the festival and that he is ill -- I feel sorry for him, but that does not excuse his rudeness to you, me and others

tuffy777 said...

a couch to sleep on? that's more than he offered me!

Frank Bertrand said...

If I remember the offer correctly, it was "will try to find you a couch to sleep on." Mr. Gill also indicated my daily fees would be waived. And I think you are quite right to use the word "rudeness" regards him treatment of certain individuals. Also, his lack of ANY kind of public explanation of his actions. I can't say that I do feel sorry for him. He's obviously bitten off a lot more than he can chew, and now having to deal with the consequences of that. Even if I could afford to go, and had the time, I would not. And I certainly do NOT recommend this so called "Festival" to anyone else. You'd all be much better putting your time and effort into the serconzine PKD Otaku, which has been most kind to you Tessa.

tuffy777 said...

thanks again, Frank -- actually, I have contributed to Otaku, and I have a few words in the next issue. But despite their best efforts to get some financial help for me, I have received absolutely zero. Way back in February, some other people got together and raised almost $300 for me, and I am very grateful for that, but it didn't even get me thru one month. I'm in a constant state of panic, selling everything I can sell, working as much as I can, and fretting all the time.

Anonymous said...


This is Dan Abella.I am organizing the Philip K Dick Science Fiction
Film Festival in New York City this November in honor of your husband's fantastic legacy in sci-fi and philosophy. There will be several shorts by PKDick (all taken from public domain stories)
and a one documentary featuring his son Chris.This festival will run for 3 days and will have films from other writers/directors as well.All of them science-fiction.

We are nonprofit group so this is a modest festival
but if we can get the budget together we would love to fly you over her to NYC with accomodations.
Your husband's 2-3-74 Valis experience was similar to Robert Anton Wilson's whom I had the pleasure to meet.
I recently heard your interview with Whitley Strieber a few years back and enjoyed it very much
Our festival website is

All the best.

Dan Abella

tuffy777 said...

Dan Abella, thank you very much! I would love to attend, but if the budget does not allow that, maybe I could "attend" by Skype? I appeared at PKD Day at Nottingham-Trent by Skype twice. It just takes a computer whiz and a projection screen.