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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Stay calm, and wash your hands

The panic over toilet paper would be funny, if people were not going nuts over it. Please use a little common sense. Maybe we should all get those bidet attachments for our toilets. Problem solved, as long as the water is running. Speaking of water, you don't need to buy all the bottled water in the store. Fill some empty juice bottles with tap water and store them in a cool place. If and when the emergency happens, boil the water, let it cool, and filter it.I use a Pur filter pitcher, but there are other brands.

If you think that TP will be valuable in a crisis, you should stock up on cigarettes and liquor. You can get even more money for cigarettes, beer, whiskey, etc. No, I will not trade you my food for a cigarette.

I have enough canned food to last a couple weeks.  There is no need to stock up on five years of survival food. Just buy the things that you like to eat, as you always do.  Keep in mind that fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as bread and milk, will go bad. Don't buy so much that it rots before you get around to eating it.

And live a little. Have fun. Enjoy your life.