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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2012: What It Really Means

I just hate to admit it when I have been wrong, but here goes:

On several occasions, I have said that there is nothing special about 2012. I was wrong. The Mayan calendar makers did know something that we didn't know. Until quite recently, that is.

The year 2012 is when our solar system officially becomes, at least in the minds of those ancient calendar makers, officially a part of the Milky Way galaxy.

You see, scientists have found an explanation for why the Milky Way appears at an angle in the night sky. If we were part of the Milky Way Galaxy, then the dense band of stars that we call the Milky Way ought to appear as a horizontal band of bright stars stretching from east to west, cutting the night sky neatly in half. We should be orbiting the galactic center in the flattened disk where the stars are most densely packed -- we should be oriented to the galaxy's ecliptic. We are not. Instead our star, the Sun, wobbles up and down across the ecliptic in a cycle that lasts roughly 26,000 years.

This is because we are part of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, and not part of the Milky Way.

We can't see the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, but with infrared photography, we can see that the Milky Way is stretching out the tiny dwarf and eating it.


Scientists Now Know: We're Not From Here



Anonymous said...

Not many people know that, and it surprises me not a bit that you are one of the ones who does.

Stiles said...

Hi Tessa,

There's alot of theories going around about this right now, the one that interests me is that the closer we get to the Galactic Center (or a singularity) comes with it differing affects to Earth, its frequency, us and our DNA. Particularly if the frequency we exist in changes then obviously so could we and this transfer to a higher octave could result in what some say as a move to 4th density and a massive change in our physical reality and an unconditional change to our meta-physical reality. If you havn't seen anything by Nassim Haramein then there's an amazing lecture by him on my other blog (not the music one) that you can watch. Its 8 hours long though but it's in two sections. The first part is well worth checking out and the second is good but i'm still uncertain in regards to a few of his conclusions but its all very interesting nontheless.

Scroll down to the post titled... "Unified FieldTheory/Life/The Universe/You"


tuffy777 said...

thanx, Michael
thanx, Stiles

Phil said...

Hi Tessa,

I hadn't run across this one before, but it sounded fishy to me on first read so I did a little checking.

Have a look here, at the response and the original press release that your source used which says nothing of the kind.

Also, here's a link mentioned on the above page and does a good job tackling the poor science in the original web-page.

ct-scan said...

This whole 2012 thing was popularized more by Terence McKenna's novelty theory than by actual science.

(On a far more interesting note, he came up with novelty theory by studying the I-Ching.)

tuffy777 said...

-- I will check into it

tuffy777 said...

h, ct-scan,
I used to listen to Terrence McKenna on NPR
-- he was interesting

Marcin StefaƄski said...

2012 is very special. We Will know when Black Iron Prison will end.

tuffy777 said...

We will know for sure in about two years.

Stiles said...

Hello again

Just been listening to this, i found it really interesting and thought i'd drop it by although its a chore finding the next part in youtube as theres no auto play...

see ya

tuffy777 said...

thanx, Stiles!
Part Two is listed under "Related Videos" in the right-hand column.

Stiles said...

oh heres the auto play link instead: