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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Devil’s name is not Satan

The Devil’s name is not Satan. Those are titles or roles, not personal names. Various entities can and do take on those roles, but those are not their names. Similarly, a church can have a pastor, priest or minister, but those are not personal names.

The fallen angel Lucifer fills those roles as the Devil (accuser, witness for the prosecution) and Satan (adversary, prosecuting attorney).

Lucifer, the shining one who fell and took a third of Heaven, is known as the Greek god Apollo, the Mesopotamian god Marduk and the Philistine god Baal.

Lucifer is associated with the planet Mars. Various Bible translations have called him the morning star, which is Venus, but the original actually calls him the day star, and that is Mars.


Romulus Crowe said...

Interesting point.

The Eliphas Levi translation of part of Hebrew version of the Key of Solomon includes the line;

'Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and the others, are not names but Titles'.

Therefore, Angels don't need to be immortal. If the current Gabriel dies, another fills the role.

It also means that the current Satan might not be Lucifer, but a descendant.

In the UK, we're pretty sure it's Peter Mandelson.

tuffy777 said...

thanx, Romulus!
-- that's very interesting

Joshua Pielemeier said...

Hello this is really fascinating. I had one question. I was wondering where you got the idea from that the devil is the witness to the prosecution. Thanks!

tuffy777 said...

Thank you for your question, Joshua. I've heard that in sermons. Here is one of many links to the same idea:

The most common Bible passage cited for this concept is Job chapter 15.