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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Three books to review - where to start?

Three books to review - where to start?

Beyond Vision
by Merlin Spinoza

The Guardians by Bob Ryan

A Kindred Spirit
by ej Morgan

Sadly, Merlin Spinoza passed away last April, so I guess he won't mind if I move his book to the bottom of the list. It is an amazing tale of alternate worlds, but it can wait.

I haven't actually opened Bob Ryan's book, a paranormal murder mystery, although I do very much look forward to reading it.

So let's start with ej Morgan's book, A Kindred Spirit. I've read a few pages, and it is a page turner, but life keeps interfering with art. So here's some info from the author's blog, plus a link to the blog:

AKS is short for A Kindred Spirit, a new novel. "What's it about?" you ask. Now famous "sci-Fi" writer Philip K Dick is dead, but he's not done. Join Phil (the Prince of Pulp), his long-dead "cross-bonded" cohort Bishop James Pike, and young investigative reporter Niki Perceval on a journey through time and space to discover what's really real.


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