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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Life on the Edge of Reality - available for pre-order

With a little help from my friends and family, I got a month's worth of utility bills paid. Unfortunately, I'm still a month behind, so everything is going to get turned off.

You can help by pre-ordering a copy of my memoir Tessa B. Dick: My Life no the Edge of Reality, which will be available in March.

In this book I tell the story of my life, including my relationship with my husband Philip K. Dick (Bladerunner), as well as the government-sponsored experiment on school children in the 1960s. My brother and I were subjects in that experiment, which was conducted without our parents' knowledge or permission.

If you send me $25 by Paypal, I will send you a signed copy as soon as it is available.

My Paypal addy is

Thank you so much!



tuffy777 said...

PS: outside the United States, please add $10 for international shipping.

guadalupejoe said...

Blade favorite sci fi movie....absolutely terrific...

i am a fan of your husband..and a bit of an existentialist myself....thanks for being there...joe

tuffy777 said...

Joe, thank you for reading!