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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two interviews

Two interviews with me and Anthony Peake, the amazing author of The Daemon.

This one is in the can:

This one is coming up in about an hour:



Nick said...

Fantastic Tessa! - You came across really well. PKD fans everywhere as well as fans of your Excellent "Philip K.Dick: Remembering Firebright" will be well pleased with the philosophical explorations in both of these interviews. Thank you so much for the mention Re: the Firebright cover - that was so kind. Email me the title of your next one and I'll design another cover for you. We can work closely to give you exactly what you want. Best wishes.

tuffy777 said...

Nick, thank you so much! It's SO good to have friends! Perhaps some day we will meet in person.

Nick said...

That would be great - I do count you as a dear friend. As do so many other enthusiastic folks - you got a GREAT response on Facebook!! Bravo Tessa.

tuffy777 said...

thanx! purr!