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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A world without books would be like ice cream without a spoon

I've been thinking about Fahrenheit 451, in which the job of the fireman is to burn books.

What would the world be like without books?

Sure, we have eBooks, audiobooks and other formats, but technology can fail.  Besides, there is nothing quite like the feel of a good book in your hands.

A world without books would be like opera without the music, a marriage without love.

I definitely would miss my books.


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Pandora Poikilos said...

This was funny. Thank you Tessa for the smile and for joining the blog tour.
Cheers - Dora

tuffy777 said...

thanks, Pandora -- for commenting and for inviting me to this tour


Lovebabz said...

Although ice cream can still be enjoyed without a spoon. There's cones, waffles, cookies.

and your right nothing beats the feel of an actual bound and well appointed book!

Loving the Blog-A-Licious Tour!

tuffy777 said...

thanx, Love!

Susie Rosso Wolf said...

I love ice cream...please don't take away my spoon! haha! Love your site too. So nice. Pleased to follow!

Susie Rosso Wolf

tuffy777 said...

Susie, thank you so much!

Shelley Workinger said...

The ice cream with no spoon is such a great comparison - without books there'd be a whole world of information and no way for you to take it in!

tuffy777 said...

thanx, Shelley!

shaeeza said...

A world without books would be as if we were dressed with nowhere to go or nobody showed up to my kids birthday party boo!

John said...

A world without books would be like Yogi Bear without Boo Boo.

tuffy777 said...

John, that is one beautiful comparison.

How about Fred without Wilma?


tuffy777 said...

shaeeza, I know exactly what you mean / how you feel

GirlParker said...

It would be like flowers without color. Or popcorn without butter. I'd simply die, especially without the butter. =)

tuffy777 said...

me too, GirlParker

JLB Creatives - Janet Beasley said...

So glad to meet you on the tour. I love your simple take - well put! ;-) ~Janet~ JLB Creatives

tuffy777 said...

thanx, JLB! I'm still working on all the blogs that I need to visit