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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Neil Diamond still going strong - and still inspiring

When I was a teenager and feeling worthless and hopeless, Neil Diamond's music saved what little sanity I had left.  This particular song was playing on the radio several times a day.  "I am, I said"

And at age 70, he is still going strong with that wonderful voice and his marvelous songs.

I remember being at school and doing my work while the radio played this and other Neil Diamond songs.

The spiritual quality of his music still touches my heart and my soul.


Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

LOVE this Diamond tune!

tuffy777 said...

thanx, Ruthi -- I love most of Neil Diamond's songs -- for some reason, I can't get enough of his music this week

Victoria Thomas said...

Neil is one of those blessed songwriters to have enjoyed success with an awesome catalog of great songs. cheap neil diamond tickets music will continue to live on, despite a time in music that is seeing changes in the popular taste.