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Monday, May 7, 2012

Excerpt, The Darkening of the Light

If you like my other books, you're sure to love my latest novel, The Darkening of the Light.

Here's an excerpt: 

“Clear!” the doctor shouted, and then came the shock.  Again he shouted, “Clear!” and again the shock came.  And yet a third time, the charm, “Clear!” and then the shock, as if Dr. Frankenstein were bringing the monster to life.  The dead parts began to live, and the sinus rhythm settled into a regular pattern on the monitor, and the beeping became more regular and less frantic. 

Clearly the light had begun to darken, yet she lived.  Unable to move, but seeing and hearing all those around her, she lay in the hospital bed while her faithful suitor sat in the chair and talked to her, or Mother sat reading aloud from the newspaper, even reading the want ads, but never the obituaries, for the thought of death must never enter this room.  


Available on Amazon HERE 

or on Kindle HERE


Cover art by Nick Buchanan