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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hope for the kitchen Challenged

Philip K. Dick once wrote to his mother that I was the worst cook he had ever met.  Well, no more! I've learned to make a few edible dishes and even some tasty treats. Now I'm sharing them with the world in my book A Cookbook for the Kitchen Challenged by the Kitchen Challenged.

A second volume will soon appear, but first I have to get more ideas and try new recipes. The first book is mostly family recipes, and the second book will also include a few of those. However, I continue to read cookbooks and try recipes. If I fail to make something good from a recipe, I don't include it in my book. If it comes out tasty, then I will share it with you.

Here are a few of the sources that I'm trying now:

by Amna Fadel

by Amna Fadel

by Danny Gansneder

Please buy them through my links, so I can make a few pennies. Thank you so much!



Frank Bertrand said...

Tessa, proof read and copy edit....the title of the posting!!

tuffy777 said...

yes, I just noticed -- thank you