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Monday, November 8, 2010

Encounter with ambush radio

 If you caught the heavily edited podcast, you did not hear what happened live on KTLK, when I did the host a favor and filled in for a guest who had canceled at the last minute.  It does sound much better than what happened on the live show, when I was constantly interrupted and sidetracked onto tangents.  Most importantly, they edited out the little speech by the host in which he said that he had to let me go because I was not as organized as I had been in the pre-interview.  Please note that there was no pre-interview.  There was only a request for me to come on in the place of a guest who had canceled.  No pre-interview.

You learn something new every day, and the learning experience is not always pleasant.

Several days ago, I filled out a form on a web site where the media request experts.

Monday afternoon a radio talk show host asked me at the last minute to fill in tonight for a guest who canceled.  He sounded nice, so I said yes.

But almost as soon as the interview began, he got confrontational,  and soon he started attacking me.  I did my best to remain calm and sweet, and to agree with him wherever possible.

He led me way off track with questions that did not relate to what I put on the web site form, and then he shut me down and told the audience that I had been more coherent in the pre-interview.  What pre-interview?  There was no pre-interview.

I'm shaking and upset.  I'm going to bed.

At least he put in a plug for my book, and he let me give the url for this blog.



Sharon Mooney said...

I'm sorry you are upset. I listened to the interview, thought it was quite good, and visited your website because of it. After reading your comments I had to go back and listen to the interview again thinking I must have missed something. You weren't attacked at all. It was a really good interview. He was doing what he does, interviewing. I really don't think you were ambushed at all. Sorry it upset you, but I think there is no reason for it.

tuffy777 said...

thanks, Sharon -- I respect your opinion, but he did interrupt me and hang up on me, and then he told the audience that he had to let me go because I was not as organized as I had been in the pre-interview. Besides, there was no pre-interview He simply called me up and asked me at the last minute to fill in for a guest who had canceled. And he originally told me that I would be doing an additional two segments of about ten minutes each. Instead, he hung up on me after interrupting me in mid-sentence. At the very least, he was rude, constantly talking over me and changing the subject.