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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why I distrust the pink light

My husband Philip K. Dick thought that God had sent the pink light experience to help him fight off demonic attacks, but I am not so certain.

Satan, Lucifer, the Devil himself is an angel of light. He is referred to as the Day Star - not the Morning Star, as some mistranslations have it, but the Day Star. (The Morning Star is Venus, and the Day Star is Mars.)

So the experience of a pink light shining on the bedroom wall and the later experience of a tiny ball of blue light dancing around the room seem suspicious to my mind.

We tend to expect the Devil to appear as an ugly creature with horns, hooves and a tail, but he is the most beautiful of all the angels, the crowning cherub in the Garden on Eden.

Many secret societies worship the Greek god Apollo, which is also Lucifer. The Shining Apollo, god of music, mathematics, reason and prophecy, is Lucifer under another name. He is a false god. Apollo is the most handsome of gods, as handsome as Adonis whom Venus loved.

I explore these and other ideas in my book 2012 and Beyond: Ancient Secrets and Mysteries, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



Romulus Crowe said...

Now you have me interested.

Lucifer wasn't the only one cast out, according to scriptures. All those who sided with him were cast out too. Not to Hell, but to Earth.

So, if these cast-out angels are still immortal, they must be still around.

Which means they could have tried several times to set up their own version of Heaven, and called themselves gods. Perhaps even in competing groups. Roman, Greek, Norse, Celtic... all those groups might have been real after all, but composed of fallen angels rather than actual gods.

That would mean that, after all, there was only ever one God. All the rest were the criminals He threw out.

It would also explain why these lesser 'gods' needed to be appeased rather than prayed to. They never seemed to be on humanity's side, many of them even encouraged violence and war.

I'll have to look for your book, it sounds like something I'd enjoy.

As for the pink light, I would be wary of anything at the red end of the spectrum. We are hard-wired to see red as a danger signal. Pink 'feels' softer, but it's still red.

tuffy777 said...

Romulus, it looks as if you've done a great deal of research in this area. Thanks for the comment!

Regan Lee said...

Very interesting. I had an experience with a small ball of light, a white light, -- not a UFO or anything, -- your post reminded me of that Tessa. I'll let you know when I write about it...

Regan Lee said...

Oh, and I wonder if sometimes these lights aren't mistaken for UFO phenomena, or, may be related, if, as you say, there's a Mars connection... all very interesting

tuffy777 said...

thanx, Regan! I look forward to reading what you have to say about the light. Some people call them "orbs" and associate them with ghost phenomena.

Regan Lee said...

Tessa, the link to my post is at the bottom of this thread...

tuffy777 said...

awesome! I recommend that everybody read your blog

Marcin StefaƄski said...

Thats verry scary idea and it maybe has a sense, but i think it was God, like Philip believed in we should trust him.

tuffy777 said...

Marcin, I suspect that there was a little of both, with God sending His angel to rescue Phil from demons