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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Coming soon, interview with Joseph Rinaldo, author

Coming soon, interview with Joseph Rinaldo, author of A Mormon Massacre.

My great grandparents escaped from Utah in a time when the Mormon police would track you down and haul you back.  My brother tells me that our grandfather used to tell the story of the Mormon Massacre as it was handed down to him by his father.

According to our grandfather, one man took credit for the massacre and was proud to serve his fellow Latter Day Saints by giving his life for them.

So my interview with Joseph Rinaldo will have some personal meaning for me.

Stay tuned!



tuffy777 said...

My older and smarter brother Steve says,
"During the Mountain Meadow Massacre, our g-g-grandfather Martin Foster, then a boy, saw men of SLC riding out of town in the dark of morning, dressed as Indians, and ride back into town in the dark of night."


tuffy777 said...

oops, that's g-grandfather, not g-g