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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Random Ramblings

Apparently, my childhood experiences fit into the template of government-sponsored mind control programs of the 1960s.  That is the conclusion of several experts in the field.

I remember quite a few odd incidents, and I am certain that the people I encountered were lying to me about many things.  But certain bits and pieces of truth were wrapped up in their fraudulent omelets.  Along with the usual cheese, bell peppers and onions, they must have tossed in a spice or two.

They do say that the best lies contain nuggets of truth.

My recent conversation with Robert Guffey, author and university professor, served to solidify my suspicions that I and many others were subjected to government-sponsored experiments on children.  Those programs have been in operation since at least as far back as World War 2.  My experience began in 1961.

A major news event that affected me deeply, and continues to trouble me today, took place on November 22, 1963, when President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade through Dealy Plaza in Dallas,Texas.

Do not believe the Zapruder film:  it is a fake.  I dismiss that film for a number of reasons.  First, the sign that blocks his view of the motorcade just after it turned left onto Elm Street is fake.  That sign was not there in November 1963.  The insertion of that sign obscures the fact that the first shot hit JFK in the back before anybody in the Texas Schoolbook Depository could have shot him.

Second, many frames are obvious copies, frames in which the people along the sides of the road do not move, do not so much as twitch a whisker.  The limousine is moved along the road, but it is identical, and the people inside it are identical, to both earlier and later frames in this hoax of a film.

Third, even though someone has drawn in the blood spatter from JFK's head, he is still thrown backward by the head shot.  JFK was obviously shot from the front, not by Oswald or anyone else behind the limousine.  This is very much like the official story of 9/11, insisting that the towers were brought down by the airplanes.   As I like to say, it wasn't the airplanes, it was explosives killed the towers.  (Obscure reference to the last line in the film King Kong.  Look it up on Youtube, the original, not the remake. )

WE might never know who shot JFK or who brought down three buildings in New York City, but we do know one thing for certain:  Our government lies to us all the time, about anything and everything.

Wake up, people!  The Republicans and the Democrats are all alike, all liars and thieves.  It is time to vote out all of them, from both major parties, at all levels, from you city council to the hallowed halls of Washington, D.C.

The government is shut down, yet about 85% of the government is still spending your money.  They have locked you out of national parks and monuments, while they continue their pattern of waste, fraud and corruption.

You have the power to put a stop to this.  Republicans will not solve the problem; they are the pro
blem.  Democrats will not solve the problem; they are the problem.  Vote them all out, now and forever.


You can access my interview with author Robert Guffey at



UR.awesome said...

I strongly #believe , that we will find ways to make the corrupt political and economical power structures more and more irrelevant, through the means of #communication , provided in this [globally networked] read/write #medium .
The #internet / the #socialweb is indeed a #gamechanger .
/ an entirely new chance for rapid/ widespread social emancipation.
We're practically reading each others minds all of the time already (at least whenever we want to, we can read the thoughts that other people want to reveal -- and that is a good thing...) it is almost like we are becoming something new. This changes what we are, individually/ as well as collectively.
(It somehow actually feels like coming #home , after having been isolated in exile for some time.)
There's a ground breaking opportunity to actually change the way we interact in practical #problem #solving . And that is the essential/ pivotal/ historical turning point in all of this. We can find new and innovative, free and creative ways to communicate/ associate and interact #beyond the corrupted structures and institutions of #market and #state .
We could (already) live in a society of free agreements, solving our problems in mutual aid & support, interacting in consequent solidarity... simply based on personal relations, free agreements, backed by the documentation and communication of factual information in a mesh network. We could (already) leave the phony paradigm of political or economical #power behind, to be able to consequently interact on free will, conscience and reason instead.
All we need is to establish the necessary infrastructures that would allow people to meet mutual agreements for support in practical problem solving beyond state and market. We need a reliable system for #commoning and #commons -based #peerproduction and/or resource & project management ...implemented as social software, basically! And it is actually only a matter of time until we will have that... These structures are already unfolding.
And we will be able to (peacefully) dissolve all that has been/ set aside all the complications and restrictions... everything that keeps us from being (and becoming) #human .

tuffy777 said...

thank you for that comment -- you said a lot,and you said it well