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Friday, July 25, 2014


Let me introduce you to my "favorite" word in the English language.  "Conceptualization" -- wow, what a concept!  We make many words by putting together the building blocks known as roots, prefixes and suffixes, but this monstrosity has little reason to live.  While it does have a limited use in semantics, it is otherwise a bottom-heavy Frankenstein's creature.

Let's take a look at the parts of this word.

cepere, which means to seize or to grasp

con-, which means with or together

-ual, which changes the noun to an adjective
-ize, which changes the adjective to a verb
-ate, which is another verb ending
-ion, which changes the whole thing back to a noun

Why not just go back to "concept"?  Or better yet, "thought" or "idea"?  People tend to use big words because they believe that they sound more intellectual, but this practice often obscures the meaning which they are trying to convey.  Choose your words carefully, and choose the simplest words that carry the meaning that you wish to express, and you will sound truly intellectual.  Besides, your audience will understand what you are saying.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I will use the word idea next time I consider using 'conceptalization' besides, I can spell idea easier.

tuffy777 said...

glad you are taking my advice ;)

Anonymous said...

How odd. I am trying to search your site but every time I touch the search field I get shunted to the You've Been Owned! page. Do you really not want people to be able to access more of your site?

tuffy777 said...

sorry, I will fix that problem with "you've been owned" -- tanks for pointing it out to me