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Friday, September 12, 2014

Another rip-off site that promises to pay and does not pay

I am leaving Vindale Research, a website that offers to pay you for answering surveys.  You see, I recently spent the better part of an hour on one of their surveys, only to be told when I clicked the 'SUBMIT" button at the end of it that I did not qualify and therefore would not be paid.   (it was only a couple dollars, hardly enough to pay for an hour of my time.)

This particular survey involved reading a complicated legal case and answering questions as if I were on the jury.  I also had to render a verdict, and write in my own words why I reached that verdict and what other information I would like to have.

I have contacted support, had a long conversation with them, and gotten the response that they will not investigate why I was disqualified, and they will not pay me.

So I must recommend that nobody join, and that those who have joined should seriously consider leaving.  As far as I am concerned, the site is a rip-off.


Brian Kuhl said...

This is why I tend not to go for survey sites. I spend however many minutes identifying what I am and how much I make only to find out that they have enough of my group.

tuffy777 said...

I'm doing pretty well on Opinion Outpost. They have actually paid me a couple times.