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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday hundreds from Swagbucks

If you are not a member of Swagbucks, then you are missing out on a cool way to earn a few bucks, which is something that every writer needs.

I like the Amazon gift cards, but they have a variety of other options, from gift cards for internet or brick-and-mortar stores to Paypal, virtual gifts and more.

I also like the cool promotions that Swagbucks offers, like this new "Holiday Hundreds".

Here is how it works:

Swagbucks is working to make the holidays even more rewarding with their Swagbucks Holiday Hundreds Giveaway. Starting at 12pm Pacific Time on November 14th every transaction you make through the Swagbucks Shop & Earn will get you an entry to win the $100 Gift Card of your choice from the Swag Store! As soon as the Swag Bucks show up as pending in your ledger, your entry has been earned! The first drawing will take place on the 19th and will run every day through the 14th of December - if you're the winner, Swagbucks will contact you at whatever email address you have on your account. Entries are cumulative, so the more transactions you make, the more entries you'll get. Travel Category is excluded.    Haven't joined Swagbucks yet? Sign up today and enter the code HOLIDAY100s to start with 100 Swag Bucks of your own!


Join here, please:


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