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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Testing a new revenue source

If this works, then my sites and my novels will get some support from advertisers.

It's a new way of helping advertisers, bloggers and others with web sites to support our efforts online and off.

If you like the works of Philip K. Dick, and if you like my work, then this will provide an easy way to make sure that the bills get paid.  The more secure I am, financially, the more I can write about my husband's work and the topics that he explored.

Here's an example of the kind of ad that will appear from time to time in my articles here:

This will help me ton continue updating you on world events that pertain to the Black Iron Prison, the world beyond the veil and other high strangeness.

For example, the Bigfoot DNA has been shown to come from a hybrid creature with a human mother,but the father is an unknown primate.

Meteors Falasha through the sky over Russia, San Francisco and other parts of the world while amateur astronomers were watching the skies for a near Earth asteroid that was due to pass close by

Sink holes are forming all over the Southeast, and a man in Florida died when a sinkhole suddenly swallowed his bed while he was in it.

Various Internet news sites and radio shows are covering high strangeness, and I need the time and financial stability to post more about it here.

So let's hope that this new advertising will earn a few bucks to support my work.


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