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Monday, June 12, 2017

My signed books on eBay

in an effort to make ends meet, I'm offering some of my books on eBay.

Sorry, my shadow got into the photo. I can't see the screen on my old cell phone, which is the only camera that I have.

This is the first edition of my murder mystery, and it is out of print. A longer version of the same novel is still available under the title Murder Lies. This book has three copyright dates because I spent three years writing it, and I published excerpts of 300 words or less during the writing process. 

Lavinia Stout decides to give up her job as a phony psychic after investigating a mystery for her old college friend. 

There are fewer than 50 copies in existence. 

I wrote Bad Moon Rising under my maiden name L.A. Busby because it is quite a different 
genre from my usual writing. This is a second edition paperback. It has never been read. 

This  young adult horror story involves the wolf inside. Lisa suspects that her stepfather 
killed her father, but she can't prove it. With help from her friends, she escapes the 
clutches of the monster. 

Sorry my shadow got into the photo. I took 6 photos, but I couldn't see the screen on 
my old cell phone, which is the only camera I have. 

I once made the mistake of submitting my novel to Publish America, which turned out to be a vanity press. Although they did not charge me any fees to publish it, they never sold my book, either. As far as I know, the only copies in existence are the six copies that I bought for myself. This is an early edition of my novel Origins, which is also out of print. Another edition is available under the title Fallen Angels, which has many changes and additions to the text. 

The story is about people who take refuge on Earth after their home planet is destroyed in the course of interplanetary war. A major theme is the eugenics program that unfairly dooms people to a life of slavery. 

This paperback book has never been read, so it is in excellent condition. It was printed on cheap paper that has a slight tint to it, so it is not exactly white. 

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