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Friday, September 10, 2010

Book review - I Think I Am Philip K. Dick, by Laurence A. Rickels

I have mixed feelings about this book, but I do recommend it for those with a deep interest in the work of Philip K. Dick.

Please follow the link to read my book review - I Think I Am Philip K. Dick, by Laurence A. Rickels




Nick said...

Excellent review Tessa. I totally agree. Unfortunately there will be thousands of Philip K.Dick fans drawn to the work by its title alone. Once they read it though they will realise that there is no content. It is simply 'gubble, gubble' which reduces rather than adds to the great canon of PKD enquiry.
Your review nails it perfectly. My feelings were that this was someone using PKD as a 'brand' to launch their own career. I thought it shallow and infantile - not a work of serious merit.

tuffy777 said...

thanx, Nick -- I was seriously disappointed when I read that book

piet said...

he just takes getting used to ... then it gets deeper ... i have the opposite experience with your late hubbles

tuffy777 said...

thanx, piet, but I reviewed a book by some guy who never met Phil