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Friday, September 24, 2010

Philip K. Dick original handwritten document

I have lost almost everything, and now I am losing the last of it.  In order to stay in my home a couple months longer, I am selling everything that I have left.  This handwritten document was Phil's way of making sure that I had my fair share of A Scanner Darkly, if anything happened to him. Phil wrote it by hand on a folded sheet of typing paper, shortly before we got married and I changed my name to Tessa Busby Dick.  

It hurts me to sell this, but I am desperate, and it will not put food on the table or pay the rent.
Auction ends October 5, 2010.  Minimum:  $900.



Lesley said...

Tessa are these listed on ebay or somewhere where people can bid or should they contact you directly? I will try to send people your way.

tuffy777 said...

Lesley, thank you so much!

I cannot afford the eBay listing fees, so they are only here on my blog. I can be contacted here on my blog or at my email address:

~~ Tessa


Anonymous said...

Interesting document.So,the best writer (he's my favourite author)had terrible handwriting.
Don't feel so bad about my own now.